please ask lots of questions, the MCOA site has a list of questions you should ask a breeder before purchasing a puppy. Please read them and ask.

It is about the Mastiff and breeding good quality dogs sure you can find a cheap puppy any where.  But are you ready for the heart ache of health problems, temperament issues.

I am sorry if I sound like a broken record I just love these dogs with all my heart and it breaks my heart to see what people are doing to the breed to make a buck




Please contact me for information on future litters  406 261 3065 my puppies are sold before they breeding takes place so if you wish to be on the list for the next litter please fill out my application. Please feel free to call me anytime!!


Please if you are looking for a Mastiff educate yourself on the expense involved in having a giant breed! Then educate yourself on where you purchase your puppy.  Please do not purchase a puppy from the back of a truck, a pet store, back yard breeder or a puppy broker.  These may appear less expensive to you in the beginning but health issues will lead to vet bills or putting the dog down. 


Don't think you are rescuing this puppy from a poor situation what you are doing is supporting that person to breed again and again. 


For piece of mind buy from a reputable breeder.  They will give you a health guarantee, show you proof of health testing on their breeding dogs and breed based on genetically healthy dogs with stable temperaments.  A 230 pound dog that has temperament issues is not a good thing!

If I do not have a puppy available for you I will refer you to a great breeder that may have a puppy available.

I was surfing the wed and I am so amazed at the website sites I found and what they claim I wanted to give you some ideas on how to weed through the BS

These are breeders to avoid!

1-If they only show pictures and health testing of dogs in their pedigrees not their own dogs or are the dogs on their web page even their dogs

2-They are having lots of litters same stud

3- If they health test you should be able to find the testing results at

4-Price, health guarantee, puppy care should all be readily available for you

5- Do not put a deposit on a puppy that has not been born yet.  Mastiffs are very hard to breed, and deliver puppies. Do not tie up your money and reputable breeders do not take deposits.

6-Do they have older dogs, If they breed their girls then get rid of them that is wrong. They are family and not disposable!!