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Our breeding program is based on conserving the type of the true English Mastiff. They are a head breed and should have balance, heavy bone and mass. We are are striving for quality, good temperament and great health. We do not want to emmulate anyone's breeding program we do not breed according to the masses or for the show ring. 


Interested Parties


We want to thank you for taking an interest in our Mastiffs.   We take the breeding of our Mastiffs and the homes we place our puppies in very seriously and we ask that you do the same.  We sincerely care about the environment where our babies reside and the families that will be taking care of them.  We want and need to stay in touch with those families on a regular basis and watch our babies grow and mature through their lives.  We admit that we may not know all the answers but we can help find them. We do not expect the future homes of our puppies to know everything but, if we all work together, then problems that can and do come up can be addressed before they get out of hand

I have some very nice breeding's coming up in 2018 please contact me for information. I will be posting the breeding's as soon as they are confirmed


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When looking for a breeder PLEASE make sure you have found a reputable one getting a puppy should be a fun and exciting experience to share with your family.